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  • A good few suggestions about Summer Beach Event
    A good few suggestions about Summer Beach Event [08/25/2016]

    I have suggested making a challenge to get these items with hard bosses inside a pk environment consisting of a floating castle of 100 floors and city areas to clear.

  • Runescape Skilling Pets FAQ
    Runescape Skilling Pets FAQ [08/18/2016]

    Skilling pets were a primary focus during the Developer Q&A. A couple of other topics were also included, but this will just be the information, Q&A, and teasers shown by the JMods during the stream relating to skilling pets.


    I was disappointed by the arc. It turns out the eastern lands are just the same as our lands. They do everything the same with just items having different names.

  • Runescape Smithing Update Feedback
    Runescape Smithing Update Feedback [08/04/2016]

    Interesting idea to deal with higher level metals needing large sums to make a single bar. While I don't think it was covered in the stream if it will be a one use then gone.

  • Changing the Status Quo  Runescape Wildy
    Changing the Status Quo- Runescape Wildy [08/04/2016]

    Well, Wilderness token's would be a sort of currency that is earned through skilling in the wilderness.

  • Runescape Skillers   PvE vs Wildy
    Runescape Skillers - PvE vs Wildy [08/04/2016]

    Jagex for the love of god, please stop turning skillers into pinatas for pkers, that's all pkers do anymore, go after skillers. They even hijack penguin search friend chats, and now with this upcoming update, we have to do an entire task set in the wildy.