Where are the gods in RS3 God War Dungon 2?

Seriously, the gods are almost non existent in the back story of this new war. And for two of the factions, their God has absolutely no tie into the faction, let alone their teachings...

* "Seren' Faction

Absolutely no ties to Seren whatsoever. She wasn't even around when the first senario to lead towards this war began. The faction's ideologies are alighted with Seren's just as much as the Order of Ascension is aligned with Guthix. Their goal isn't from Seren, nor is it for Seren; their goal is to use the heart to reach the rest of their eleven clan back on Tardiad, destroying any 'dark beast' in their way (saradominist fantic style!).


* 'Zaros' Faction

Almost nil involvement of Zaros other than between the lines stuff that Zaros sent him to secure the heart. Other than that this faction is lead by someone who has been raised as a Zaros fantic through inheritance by a zarosian dragon. His real aim is to save his race in the empty passed on belief that Zaros will use the power to save his race. How trusting...


* 'Zamorak' Faction

It seems that the Twins are at the heart by mere chance while hunting the last dragon rider. I'm not even sure if they have even told Zamorak about the heart's discovery yet, they are too revenge focused, and on another assignment.


* 'Sliske Faction

This has probably got the most god involvement in it out of all 4 factions, and Sliske isn't even a god! It seems that sliske's faction was personally assigned to take the heart, which is what seems to have lead the other factions here (I sence Sliske string pulling here..) 


With all the potential story directions that were possible, this is not even worthy to be called a God War... It is more like a world event or a power war, or even a generals war.


The only thing I am glad of this is that Seren wasn't crowbarred into lowering herself to go against her ideology to be in this war. The Seren faction should be called the Cywir!


Kree was the commander of Armadyl's forces, who were ambushed by Zamorakian forces, which was how the GWD battle began in the first place. Kree and the Aviansies were probably there on direct orders from Armadyl, and since Armadyl has stated numerous times that he believed they had perished in the fight, and later that he was overjoyed to learn they had survived, implies that he knows of their involvement in the GWD.


Zilyana and Graardor seem to be there solely to wrest control of the Godsword away from the other factions, I don't think it was ever made clear if they were there on direct orders form their gods or simply acting on their behalf. It's interesting to note that Zilyana seems to be capable of channeling Saradomin's power with her lightning attacks (and her healing during hard mode fights), which might imply Saradomin is aware she's there and is actively blessing her.


As for Nex, I'm not entirely sure she wanted the Godsword at all, or if she just wanted to obliterate the other armies. Zaros had been defeated by the time she got to the GWD, so she's the only general that truly could not have been acting under direct orders from her god.

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