The newest changes made to legendary pets

Im making this discuss the newest changes made to legendary pets wich basicly just makes them an override for bobs. They are no longer invincible to attacks from monsters (f.e. Arraxor/ arraxis cleave attack. The Problem with that fix is even if you just have the pet for the Cosmetic look it is worse than the actual Bob because the pets themselfe cant use the familiars special attack (Im talking about giving the pet the bob pouch not using the pet skin as an override) most of the other abilities the legendary Pets have are useless.

The searching ability provides no noticable income.

Banking has a cooldown of 10min. !!!! which doesnt safe you from banking at all.


The lifesafer ability might come in handy if you afk ? but not realy because most of us just use ring of death sign of life ring of life instead so its pretty useless as well.


The berserker ability (sorry dont have a better name ) is useless because we have a slayer tool belt and most of us have the ability to do quicker death blows purchased.( and most tasks requiring a item to kill of the mob arent worth to do).


The repair is useless unless you are somewhere bossing and your rs item degrades just in that moment (which never happens ? )


High alching has a cooldown of 10min as well making it useless.


And making supercompost isnt worth it really.


Even if some of the perks could be considered usefull to lower lvl players nearly no low lvl has a legendary pet. For the higher lvl players most of the abilities are useless because there are cheaper and better alternatives.


The only thing unique to the pets was if the bob ability was used the bob was invincible wich came in handy for raxor and yaka.


Now jagex decides to take that last usefull perk away for what reason ?

A lot of people spent decent amounts of ingame cash on those pets. I for myself would not have purchased one if I had known that the bob ability will get nerfed.


I have a suggestion on how to fix that Issue.


Make the bob invincible using the ability but half the timer on the bob ability so you would have to pay double the cost for the same duration in time making it still decent in places like arraxor and giving us players who purchased the pet some niche situations in wich they are usefull. Everywhere else we can turn on the pet as an override and are fine with the hp.

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