Something beautiful and in today's RuneScape sense

Throw yourself back to the days when you started playing RuneScape. You came out of the tutorial and faced the free-choice world. You weren't yet aware of Grand Exchange or it didn't even exist at the time yet.


You grabbed all of the drops from all enemies you killed. You fought whatever felt safe to fight. You wore the armor dropped by monsters you defeated. You have bought that well-earned Mithril scimitar from Al-Kharid. You were jealous of high-levelled players that wore the elite, superior, pro Rune armor.


You didn't read any Quest guides. You didn't skill on the best experience per time method. You went easy on your money spending. Hitting the white number in the coin stack (100k DarkScape Gold) felt like heaven. You travelled the world and did stuff all around, not stay on one spot grinding for days.


You were free. You played naturally. You didn't want to have that feeling of complete control and/or understanding. You had open fun.


But then, things changed. You started to see the big picture. You started playing efficiently. You set various goals which weren't instant and free, but required high level of dedication and were more or less tedious through all the way. You started running for numbers and overall completion.


Almost all active RuneScape players take this path after being active for a while. Do you find such behavior later on in the game as the style that generally defines RuneScape? Do you prefer it over the initial approach, or do you still tend to side with the adventurer inside you and not a pumping typhoon?

Personally, I had the most fun back when I just randomly walked around and enjoyed the features offered, even if that was as low-levelled content as possible. It was an art that expressed enjoyment. Something unlimited. Something directly attractive.


Something beautiful and in today's RuneScape sense, inefficient.

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Overall Verdict: Some decent mechanics but 1 hit is lazy and again loot is poor

As with Wyverns the drop table is abysmal. Looting and fighting a demon can be dangerous as it is easy to miss a special attack. Currently its not worth picking up the loot as you loose a lot of time for a (mostly) 10k DarkScape Gold loot.


A Runescape Player Need help for theiving

The fastest method at your level is to pickpocket monkey knife fighters at ape atoll. It's extremely click intensive but at 99 it can provide a considerable amount of experience (300k+DarkScape Gold) and at your level will provide something closer to 150k


Demonic skull For Darkscape

The item was always dropped on death and would turn to 500k Gp to the player that killed the runecrafter. I would love to see this item added to darkscape with an added change to make it useful in darkscape.


I have invested time and effort into darkscape

I have invested time and effort into darkscape, I enjoy darkscape, some of the mechanics are just completely stupid and need fixing and everyone is over complicating it for no reason what so ever.


Future Clan Wars Update Ideas - Similar to Darkscape Wilderness

Clan wars has always been my favorite mini-game, but recently purple portal has become almost completely inactive. I have some ideas on how to spice it up if there is ever a future game update. Bumps and feedback appreciated!


In Darkscape is to gain experience

Items worth based on Darkscape gold value in the death screen will be dropped either entirely, or by a percentage of probability.

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