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Shattered Worlds Lore – Void Knights vs Z.M.I

During the summer summit, Jagex revealed their wild card update of the summer, Shattered Worlds, a 'Mini-game' where players race against the clock, or other players, going through portals to other realms to defeat monsters and mini bosses. 


The aim of this mini game is to attract the likes of streamers, and is noted to make use of existing 'other world' assets such as Kethsi, Zanaris, mazcab etc. It has also been noted that Jagex wish to create a solid lore surrounding this minigame, which is why we are all here today!


My suggestion? There are two organisations which have had dealings with teleports and other worlds, but have not seen much love as of recent years, so why not use this as an opportunity to bring both organisations into the 6th age in a massive grudge match?! There has been a lot of call lately to bring the Void Knights into the 6th age, so why not the ZMI too>


===Background (The Elder Sword)===


During the assault on Guthix's resting place, during the year 169 of the 5th age, the location of the Elder Sword, a powerful artefact, used to slice portals between worlds, and forge the world gate, was revealed unto us.


Lain shattered, this unassuming blade's significance would not become apparent to us as the World Guardian, until much later, it's deeper history revealed by the memories of Guthix some months later. 


However, there were some present at the raid on Guthix's chambers that seized the opportunity to get their hands on some small shards of this immensely powerful artefact. Three years later, their research into the remnants of the sword's power is now paying off!


==The Z.M.I==


The Zamorakian Magical Institute conduct their business on the fringes of the abyss, disgraced and exalted from the Wizards Tower, here they linger, at the barriers between worlds. Using a permanent portal to the abyss, they are able bypass the Teleport Anchor at the heart of the Wizards Tower, allowing them access to the powerful Rune Altars. Though this method is slower than conventional teleporting, requiring direct access to the abyss, it is effective, and allows stealthy access to more niche and magically significant areas than the generalised teleports of their Blue brethren.


During the assault on Guthix's chambers, wizards accompanying the demon K'ril Tsutsaroth, stumbled across shards of the fabled Elder Sword, believing it could help further their research into the abyss, and possibly open the key to cross-world teleportation, they took a number of the shards into their possession. 


Now after three years, they have perfected a prototype technology. Using a shard of the sword as a focus, coupled with runic energies to give it power, the Abyssal Cross-World Teleport Device is able to use the portal at the heart of the abyss as teleportation anchor, in a crude, but effective 'slingshot' manner, allowing access through the abyss onto other planes of existence. Here, the ZMI are able to collect resources and further their research in their battle against the Tower. This activity has not gone unnoticed by the Valluta, protector of rifts between worlds.


==Void Knights==


Fighters of the pest threat, the Void Knights seek to protect Gielinor from other worldly influences, seeking out portals to other worlds, and with the aid of their champion, the Valluta, aim to heal these rifts to prevent further damage.


During their defence of guthix's Chamber, the Valluta were made aware of the resting sword. Being the very cause of the dimensional instability that birthed the pest threat, the void knights were instructed to collect the shards of the sword into their own custody, lest they fall into the wrong hands, but also with the hope the sword's energy could help find a way to heal these portals once and for all.


During this time in their custody, they have perfected a prototype device to aid their cause in seeking out other worldly threats. Using a shard of the sword as a focus, coupled with divine energies from their fallen god Guthix as a power source, the Void cross-world relocation device is able to slice through the abyss, into the voids between worlds, creating a 'clean cut' to other dimensions which can easily be healed on exit by the power of the Valluta, conveniently stored within a compartment of purified pest goo.


==The trade-off ==


Abyss Teleporter -- Energy Efficient, but very crude, leading to long term damage of the barriers between dimensions, thus allowing quick access to new worlds and abundant resources, and in turn attracting unwanted attention from the Valluta and Void Knights


Void Transporter – Clean teleportation, but very costly in terms of resources needed to power the device, therefore upholding the values of the Void Knights in providing a tool for hunting down the most hardened trans-world criminals that pose a threat to Gielinor, but unsuitable/inefficient for general everyday use by the public, as well as by the ZMI outlaws who need to conserve resources.


==Shattered worlds==


So the ZMI are preforming resource runs, and the Void Knights are hot on their trail! Well not exactly, see, this technology is not perfected enough to take you straight to your perpetrators in a game of cat and mouse. Instead, the void knights are looking to give the ZMI a run for their money, effectively putting them out of business.


Effectively, choosing a side has little to no consequence. Much like reputation within the Heart, choosing a faction merely denotes who you wish to gain reputation with at that time. Side with the ZMI, and harvest the resources of other worlds, bringing them back to Gielinor for the advancement of all Humankind, with the threat of Elite Void Knights on your tail.


Alternatively, side with the Void Knights, scouting the worlds for resources to aid your cause, dispatch of the unleashed Abyssal monsters, set loose from unregulated ZMI activities, as well as putting safeguards in place and halting all Zamorakian interlopers you come across in the process.

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