Runescape Update ETA: Lords of the Wait ~ Tech Trees

Update ETA: Monday, May 16th


Lords of the Wait ~ Invention Tech Trees 


Invention Tech Trees

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We’re adding 10 new technologies this month to the Invention skill, bringing new goblin and dwarf tech to your workbench, including 2 new explosive cannon variants. With them, we’re bringing some changes to the way that the tech trees work, providing new task-related gameplay within Invention, giving you more focus as you train the skill. Thanks to everyone on the forums who has helped us develop this update, your feedback has made all the difference.



- Tier 1: Level 40 Invention

- Tier 2: Level 50 Invention

- Tier 3: Level 60 Invention

- Tier 4: Level 70 Invention




Dwarven (currency cost)

- Tier 1: Corporeal components (10)

- Tier 2: Sprinkler MK1 (25); Mining Accumulator (25)

- Tier 3: Book Switcher (35); Calorie Bomb (35)

- Tier 4: Auto-Sanctifier (55); Kinetic Cyclone (55); Dungeoneering Lock Melter (55)

- Goblin (currency cost)

- Tier 1: Pestiferous components (10)

- Tier 2: Mechanised Chinchompa (25); Woodcutting Accumulator (25)

- Tier 3: B.A.N.K. Stander (35); Monkey Mind-Control Helmet (35)

- Tier 4: Dungeoneering Party Simulator (55); Electrified box trap (55); Oldak Coil (55)


New Devices Description



Sprinkler MK1


A persistent device that is placed in a flower patch and keeps adjacent vegetable patches watered.


Calorie Bomb


A consumable device that can be charged with fish to deploy the area-of-effect healing.




A consumable device that increases the prayer experience of buried bones and scattered ashes on the go.


Kinetic Cyclone


A melee variant of the multicannon capable of rapidly hitting multiple targets at melee range.


Dungeoneering Lock Melter


A consumable device that can bypass and unlock any non-key door in Dungeoneering you don't meet the requirements for.


B.A.*.K. Stander


A consumable device that generates charge whilst you are stood in a bank area. When fully charged it breaks down into invention materials. Crafting this devices requires refined components.


Monkey Mind-Control Helmet


A device that allows for the acquisition of a monkey to serve as a servant in your player-owned house.


Dungeoneering Party Simulator


A consumable device that increases the expereince gained for completening Dungeoneering floors in parties of four or fewer.


Electrified box trap


A consumable variant of the standard box trap with impeccable catch rates.


Oldak Coil


A magic variant of the multicannon capable of frequently hitting small groups of enemies at medium range.


Additional Device Information


• Devices are not stack-able with the exception of the Dungeoneering Lock Melter.

• The Dungeoneering Lock Melter can only be used once per floor per party.

• The Monkey Butler is similar to the Demon butler but all costs are free.

* The Auto-Sanctifier has 10 charges and provides 3x Prayer xp.

• Calorie Bomb is filled with 5 of the same fish and heals the equivalent of 120% of a single fish.

--- Use-able Fish: Swordfish, Monkfish, Sharks, Cavefish, Rocktails

--- Can also heal up to 4 people/NPC* within 2-tiles around you by the same value.

• Kinetic Cyclone and the Oldak Coil have the same principles/unlocks as normal cannons but deal consistent AoE damage.

--- Kinetic Cyclone hits in a 2-square radius around it's location.

--- Oldak Coil hits in a 4-square radius around it's location.

--- Kinetic Cyclone/Oldak Coil provide Melee/Magic xp respectively.


Update Schedule:


These updates are just a prediction, none are set in confirmation.



• 16th: Invention Update

• 23rd: Kindred Spirits + Void Knight Outpost Graphical Rework

* 31st: Duel Anywhere


What is Lords of the Wait?

We're a group of the coolest kids you know, who spend our Mondays, Tuesdays, and occasionally Wednesdays waiting in spots across Gielinor for the anticipated update! It's sounds nerdy, and okay it probably is, but it's tons of fun and really exciting.


Where are these events held?

The location of the event will change from week to week. It's dependent on the teaser pictures, coupled with info from Behind the Scenes articles and videos.


Doesn't LOTW decrease the chances of getting an Update ETA?

Not at all! LOTW is a Jagex supported thread and they MAY post Update ETAs on this thread, as well as on other peoples threads.


Why is this in Future Updates?

This thread is allowed to be in Future Update as it serves the purpose of waiting for an update through an event both in game and on the forums, as well as speculation.


How and when were these events started?

Lords of the Wait started as a summer event by members in The Scrying Pool. The first LOTW covered the release of Fairly Tale III - Orks Rift which came out on May the 13th 2010. From then on they were done every summer and became incredibly successful, finding up to and sometimes over 100 people in attendance.


In January 2012 Jagex announced the upcoming release of the Firemakers Curse quest, with the highest requirement ever for a quest. This encouraged the first Winter LOTW. This turned out to be a success and there have been Winter LOTWs ever since.



Im Rubic - Main Summer Host

Trevorghost - Main Winter Host

Elfangor - Substitute Host

Going4Quests - Substitute Host

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