Runescape Skilling Pets FAQ

For those who didn't catch today's Developer Q&A, here's a summary and overview of the stream, relating to the upcoming release of skilling pets!


Note: Skilling pets were a primary focus during the Developer Q&A. A couple of other topics were also included, but this will just be the information, Q&A, and teasers shown by the JMods during the stream relating to skilling pets.

General Information


• Skilling pets will be released on Monday, August 22nd


• There will be a total of 19 skilling pets


• All skilling pets will work as familar overrides


• Skilling pets will have their own tab in the Customisations interface


• The skilling pets will have their own unique chat dialogues, and some will have other features like multiple animations


• Activities that give strange rocks will have the chance to give skilling pets


• Silverhawk boots will not work to get the Agility pet


• Skilling activities at the beach event will work to get skilling pets (updated)


• There will be two new titles: the first for owning 5 skilling pets, and the second for owning all 19 skilling pets


Questions & Answers


Will the right-click examine on skilling pets show the XP at which the pet was received in addition to the player's total skill XP?

Examining the pets will show only the owner's skill XP - not the XP at which they got the pet.


Will some skills have rarer pets than other skills, or are they all the same? Also, drop rates?

A lot of balancing has gone into trying to make the chances roughly the same, skill to skill. We won't be revealing drop rates (and probably never will) mainly because we want it to remain a mystery; if you see a skilling pet in-game, you'll know that it's rare.


Will there be any thresholds for drop rates?

Yes, it'll take into account having level 99, virtual level, and having 200m XP in the skill.


Will all pets have flavorful dialogue options?

Yes, most of them have multiple dialogues, and they are all brilliant. All of them.


Any other Easter eggs?

Yes. (they kept this one secret :P)


Can you confirm or deny plans to release a Final Skiller title?

There won't be a Final Skiller title.


Will the Voice of Seren buff that gives higher strange rock chances also give higher skilling pet chances?



Can the Agility pet be received after each obstable, or only after a lap is completed?

Only after a lap is completed.


Can F2P players unlock skilling pets?

Yes, F2P players can unlock skilling pets for F2P skills. F2P players can't get pets for P2P skills during the level 1-5 trial.


If a new skill released, will its skilling pet be available on release?


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