RuneScape became known for our truly fun

This Halloween event really reminded me why I haven't been enjoying quite of the few previous holiday events (including this one) as much as I did with some of the events in this game's past. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the concept, and I think the event did have potential. Same goes for most of the other holiday events in the past few years.


If there is one thing Jagex did better in the past, it's definitely the holiday events. This game became known for the fun, yet easy-to-play holiday events where you do a festive quest then got a unique reward at the end. Probably my favorite of the Halloween events was the 2007 event, where we had various parts to the quest to do, but once we did them, we didn't have to do them again- we got our rewards once we did them. Another great Halloween event was the one that involved the trick-or-treating, as the various regions in the southern F2P world were decorated with Halloween decorations. Both gave really strong Halloween festive spirit. Even last year's event felt festive, even if it was a bit tedious, plus we got a repeatable permanent quest that felt festive and truly gave a feeling of paranoia while playing it.


Other examples of events that really gave a nice festive spirit were the 2007, 2009, and even last year's Christmas events, as well as the '07, '08, '12, and '15 Easter events. All of these events generally had a common theme: they were just for fun, not about grinding for XP. Look people, this XP waste mentality carrying over into holiday events has caused them to become rather stale and they've turned into grindfests for no real good reason.


Can't we bring back the type of event that is done merely for fun and festive spirit to get a cosmetic reward? Can't we have an event where all the players come together for a little while, ignoring the "gainz" for a little while, to celebrate holidays with the rest of the community?


Again, these events have potential to be great, and I do like the concepts, but now the events are all about gaining XP, grinding the same thing over and over again to get points to buy the event rewards, those kinds of things are getting really old, really quickly. RuneScape became known for our truly FUN, FESTIVE, and COMMUNITY-FOCUSED holiday events. I recall many times on, say, Christmas where I'd hop on my laptop while celebrating with the family just to play the RS Christmas event to add to the festive spirit. Nowadays, it's a chore to get just ONE of the rewards, let alone all of them.


I mean really, I played this Halloween event for nearly two hours and got only 4.3k Darkscape Gold favour. The top prize costs 15k favour, the second highest-costing prize costs 10k Darkscape Gold, the two gravestones are 5k Darkscape Gold each. To get all of those, you have to grind the thing forever, and it definitely isn't fun after the first few times. Jagex, please take into consideration the idea of making holiday events fun and festive again instead of making them so serious and all about the "XP gainz". These kinds of events are just not memorable like many of the ones in the past are.


Anyways, that's just my opinion on this matter. Have a Happy Halloween everyone.

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