Runescape - Dropping Items

In the wilderness, items immediately appear on ground when dropped. Since the whole world is basically the wildy, I suggest this be implemented:


RS Items anywhere appear on the ground instantly when dropped, partly because if a one-itemer is killed by a guard, items are safe if dropped before death. That takes no skill to avoid losing your items in a low threat zone.


I suggest if one is going to pk in a guarded area, they best be prepared to run for their life, I'd think it be more fun that way, and only the ballsy would dare attack another player then.


It takes no skill to skull and drop an item before the a guard "rek**" a one-itemer, and I have no respect for that.


However one can still quickly bank their weapon before a guard executes justice, perhaps add a penalty from banking for the first 2 and a half minutes of the 5 minute skull timer?


Another suggestion would be to have protect item disabled unless the pker has 2 items above 1-5k rs gold alch price (it could vary, but there should be some incentive for a victim if they survive and the pker fails to escape the guards or dies from self defense) and perhaps a bit of prejudice to skulled players, to where if THEY drop an item it appears to others immediately, while unskulled players can still drop their items and save them. There are a lot of things that can be done.


IMO I'd feel much more alive and enjoy Darkscape much more if I actually was in pursuit of the guards with my weapon and the spoils of my slain victim, instead of taking advantage of current game mechanics. Thank you if you read this, I'd like to know what other's think on this.

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