Rocnar - The Old School RuneScape

Hello one and all! This is a thread I've been meaning to make for -years-, basically since Construction first came out. The Rocnar has seemingly been neglected, and I'm not talking about how he/she looks graphically either. Personally, I think the Rocnar should be made more challenging, but not simply by increasing it's stats, (though it needs that no matter how you look at it) but also making it more fun to fight the Rocnar.


As it stands, the Rocnar isn't very intimidating even for lower leveled characters, especially when compared to the Fire Pit. While I don't wish to invalidate the Fire Pit either, I do think it needs to be up to par with it at least.


You could improve the Rocnar in many ways, my idea(s)? Firstly, it's stats definitely do need an increase, though how much is debatable. Since it can easily be ganged up on, especially in bigger house parties, I'd say at least 10k health, a little over double then what it has currently. Highest being 25k Darkscape Gold. Basically increase it's combat level, (all of it's stats) to the point it can't be easily slain. It should be a hard debate between several people to either flee, or fight.


After increasing its stats, I'd say have it where while in the cage with the Rocnar, your prayer is drained slowly, and the Rocnar's auto-attacks be area of effect, perhaps a cleave or a smash, since it's very likely there will be more then one player there.


This is but one idea of potentially many to improve the Rocnar, but as it stands, I'd rather have any Oubliette over the Rocnar unless I was building a dungeon for level 3-70s and didn't want the dungeon to kill them too quickly by having a Fire Pit or the others.

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