Overall Verdict: Some decent mechanics but 1 hit is lazy and again loot is poor




1. Although it is annoying that other peoples demons can kill you due to their aoe damage on death, i guess this is a clever way of making the environment being able to harm you in an indirect way as they can be hard to avoid in the small room.


2. They do require some food to kill if your are planning to camp them. (Although with vamprysm aura you wont need much food at all, if any.)


3.Being piled if bellow 50% hp is again an annoying mechanic but does make you concentrate and be mindful of your health much more.




1.I feel you did a great job with wyverns mechanic wise, however the one hit typless damage attack of the ripper demons just seems a lazy way to get us to die. Especially since you have to avoid it every single kill which gets tiresome after a while.


-You have to avoid less one hits killing araxxor, which is the highest level solo pvm content than this slayer task which seems silly to me.


2. As with Wyverns the drop table is abysmal. Looting and fighting a demon can be dangerous as it is easy to miss a special attack. Currently its not worth picking up the loot as you loose a lot of time for a (mostly) 10k DarkScape Gold loot.


3. So far I haven't found a use for a shield, you can survive easily duel wielding.




1.I feel other mechanics such as stuns that have to be anticipated or maybe high damage that can be negated when using a shield would have been better for the ripper special attack.


2.alternatively you could keep the special the same but allow their adrenaline to be drained with the leech adrenaline curse/siphon ability. This would mean we could choose less dps (by not using turmoil) to have a lower chance of being speced.

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