Jagex Encourages Luring?

Hi, a month ago I lost 5m to the wilderness bug, Jagex is well aware of this bug. It has been brought to attention by as big of names such as A Friend.. Now I don't care about the 5m rs gold but my clannie just lost 200m runescape gold to this psychopathic luring. It has been months and months that this bug has been being abused. I would encourage everyone who has the inability to feel guilt or empathy to abuse this feature th, as I'm guessing Jagex wants you too. Personally to me GP isn't worth making someone extremely depressed so I am not able to abuse it given that I am not a Psychopath.


If Jagex has tried to fix this bug but simply can't I retract my statement. I know Jagex will refuse to refund my clannies 200m runescape gold so they deserve this disrespect.


I love this game but I hate the fact that Psychopaths have an advantage in it. At least post a sign when players enter the wilderness that says "we will not fix the familiar bug, enter at your own risk" Many players say "oh thats already fixed" when it gets mentioned. So thought my Clannie who is now down 200m rs gold.


Sorry for the flammy nature of this post, I know I could of gone about it more maturley, but seriously what will it take for this bug to be fixed? at least make an announcement upon login that this bug exists so players can beware...


It really concerns me that sometimes a player HAS to go into level 36 wilderness to kill lava wyrms, or chaos elemental. They may not be aware that there is a bug that can cause the mechanics of the wilderness to fall apart and lose their items


I don't know he didn't say, I enter the wilderness all the time with 50m+ to do lava wyrms. I'm aware that I can keep 3 items on death, I am also aware of the bug so if a wildy***m boss spawns I know i can get skulled from this bug and run. He however was not aware that the bug hadn't been patched yet. Many people believe this bug has already been patched until its too late.

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