Jagex clearly has not understood their lessons from the previous falador disaster

First off, the Telos 'patch' was a huge disappointment. It shows Jagex doesnt care about the pvm community who struggle with new bosses and only make the rich people who are already farming Telos well over 100% enrage richer. The current patch was not about core fundamental flaws in boss mechanics and nor the incompatibility new eoc bosses have with our movement tick system. Discounting the lag, we have the issue of Telos being too tall, Telos parking his arse in front of the beam's source and refusing to budge until he got full bar to wreck the player and Telos kicking us off beams. Issues that were deemed 'pathing error' but were never fixed. The simple solution would be to allow us to push Telos ourselves once after he pushes us for the anti-walk mechanic is now really a walk the player mechanic, making it counterproductive. Either get rid of the anti-walking mechanic (I never in fact abused walk the boss method unlike the cheapskates that ruined bossing for us and so should the boss) or let us walk him back in turn. Consider this solution as an ideal, proper 'patch' for your anti-walking pathing error. And instead of a proper Telos development what do we have here? A very mundane Falador Massacre II. But this time instead of having it within Falador walls, we have it in Port Sarim! And to top it all off, Jagex clearly has not understood their lessons from the previous falador disaster (not just disaster white knights are facing, but disaster in game execution), resulting in discoordination and total chaos with players not knowing what to do, WHAT TO BRING and where to go. I shall highlight these event flaws later on.

First off, let me talk about the time of this event. Just like Falador Massacre, or Seige of Falador as you called it, Jagex has managed to stage this event half a day before reset time. That means we get half a day less to gather our daily cap of 2k renown and some of us could have wasted more time due to sleep or work. We are humans, Jagex, so please, make your timing optimal for everyone by having the event start on the reset time to allow everyone get the maximum tokens from the event. Secondly, once again, Jagex, you have failed to warn players that this event is dangerous. The same applies for hardcore iron players! How many hardcore players have died in vain, buried without a grave in falador seige event? Have their lessons not taught you that you should warn players beforehand the event is dangerous? Maybe you should let npc* that start us off with the introduction to the event tell us the event is dangerous and likewise for hardcore players. Every hardcore lost is a potential loss in membership Jagex. So think about including a warning feature to warn players that if you die in a 'fun event' you could potentially lose your items, lose gp from death reclaim fees or lose a hardcore account. Otherwise we should think about making a monument as a tribute to all the hardcore iron players who died fighting pirates and yes I would like that also in Falador where hardcores died against knights. On a final note where the flaws are directly copy pasted over from Falador Massacre, the event is a grindfest. 200 tokens for ONE crate is a bit of an overkill and we have to grind for a 'fun event' for rewards, taking all meaning away from fun. 'Events should be quick, interesting and different every day. Maybe consider making it into a quest series like that Christmas quest we had with the penguins last year.


Now finally, in regards to combat: Combat is terribly unbalanced as the Pirates use EOC against players as if it's pvp. Not only do players go in unawares of EOC like I did with full Zamorak warpriest, Zamorak godsword and no food, but the higher level you are the harder the fight? Meanwhile, the level 3s run around killing pirates with ease to amass their tokens. This is exactly like the Melee Knights in falador except they use 2hs and can use aoe attacks when fighting players engaging them to deal damage to unsuspecting passerby a who won't the tagged pirate as tagged pirates do not give tokens. A poor demonstration to advertise Eastern islands I believe and I hope combat over their is nowhere near the chaos I have witnessed here. Also, it would be nice to have a yellow trail like in the tutorials leading you up to the ladder where you can skill for xp and tokens, guide you around so you know where all the different skill levelling plots are which level non combat skills. As a special mention I would like to clarify that the cap limits the activity severely and as I mentioned before in my introduction, it is stupid to promote xp gains when xp is limited as opposed to getting xp elsewhere in the game. I would suggest therefore that since you can get xp from trading in tokens for crates, why not make the crates TRADABLE? That way those who wish to overlap by buying crates of other people can and those who have no interest of reaching the cap at least gets gp in return. I would value crates at say 10k each at start up ge price, tradable on ge as well as inter player private trades*

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