Its to much like Runescape3 but just starting over

The game is meant for pvp right? Well not really, you can only fight other players under certain restricted circumstances that you seldom run into in the game is the truth. There are level restrictions and guards everywhere. TO MANY GUARDS. They control the game entirely. Guards should not be so abundant. I vote to eliminate guards. I vote to fight freely in falador. I vote to pk freely in varrock and lumbridge, remove guards from these towns. In the towns where crowds of players are is where its most thrilling to attack other players but you cant do that in a single popular town. Why cant everyone free roam pvp anywhere? Oh right guards guards guards. Is that much to ask to remove guards? The game is very easy and has no difficulty or challenges, just repeated quest and skills it needs a twist but only portrays the illusion of one. The sever holds 2500, on a good day I see 500. It's dead and needs an update to welcome players into a thrilling challenging world. Everyone starts then is quitting before cb 100. Its to much like Runescape3 but just starting over. At the least the bank threat risk areas before forced people to take item risk to get stuff in the area they needed which was fun. But that's removed. But even then you still had to worry about guards. I'm trying to inspire a motivational, inspirational improvement. I'm cb 94 on ds and 134 on Runescape3 with many 99 stats that are legit I been playing since 2002 and before on Runescape EOC when they had no knee caps and had sleeping bags. Yes im a Vet. I say legit because bots still exist Jaggy dog. I'm telling you I know the game and what players want, remove the guards.


I want to retain a level of balance and not create bully players just more freedom. I like where your going with that Scott and I agree Steelbane but without guards around there are still level restrictions to provide protection. So if we could eliminate one or the other that would be better, preferably guards. Werebear um ice mountain is a path not taken anymore if you play ds, bank risk areas are removed like i said in my last post...Before you were forced to take that path now you don't have to which took a fun risky pleasure out of the game, I use to carry 500k DarkScape Gold back and forth through there and didn't complain. Understand the game with some experience before inputting no one is just grinding stats tediously or wandering aimlessly. I'm playing an rpg i love and im doing quest while analytically and holistically viewing the game in my expertise paradigm and want to help it while being competitive in this DARKSCAPE environment with your help. NO GUARDS!

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This is aimed at the developers of darkscape

I play darkscape. I dont know how it works in RS3, I havent played that for a while. It has happened on 3 occasions now that during warbands i got disconnected or the game crashed


Some DarkScape Ideas for improvement

So i was a old school runescape veteran, have come back after about 8 years just to play darkscape, and honestly i absolutely love the game, so the list of all positives would be way to long so instead i'm just going to share some thoughts on how me and a few other people i play with feel and how it's been for the past 2 weeks playing a tonne.


Runescape - Dropping Items

RS Items anywhere appear on the ground instantly when dropped, partly because if a one-itemer is killed by a guard, items are safe if dropped before death. That takes no skill to avoid losing your items in a low threat zone.


Darkscape is meant to be a brutal game where you kill people

The problem is, banks/GEs are an untapped darkscape gold mine that draws people in for many different reasons, trolling, potential fat lewt, or just keeping the spirit of DS by killing any and everyone.


Need some form of Clan Page like Runescape Clans have

The clan I run on Runescape is based of the clan exp gained which I have to spend time tracking xp gains but i'd like more of an option then that.


My problems with Darkscape

Today I died in Karamja, I had the option to not attack players even if I miss click checked off but I think entering doors while other people are standing there still has an affect, I was skulled on karamja and got owned while trying to work my way down to the bank.

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