It was a foolish decision to split Runescape into it

The goal of the developers should be to make the world as dynamic as possible instead of it being the pvp world it currently is (I understand it just came out so, just suggesting.)


Two playstyles should be supported, those that wish to pk, and those that wish to protect and bring order to the areas. Of course the reward of pking is getting the other guy's stuff and that's fine, but there is no reward for protecting. Without that dynamic play of these forces against each other I think this game will just turn into a pvp fest everywhere all the time which honestly sounds boring (Imho PVP words were kinda boring. waiting in a bank to kill someone outside of the bank. yawn)


Both should be rewarded in their own way. At the moment if you try to protect others you get skulled, and then can be attacked by anyone. An issue with that is that you can't just not skull someone because another person can take quick advantage of that generosity. Perhaps someone protecting someone else should get a different colored skull (so they're not attacked in a town) and the penalty shouldn't be as harsh. Perhaps you can keep 1 or 2 rs items instead of 3(no skull) or none (a skull)


I also think that perhaps people who pk enough, or protect others enough should get armor/or symbols/ or anything signifying what they're about. At least people who protect others should so people know these people can be trusted (pkers probably don't want to wear armor telling people they're more likely to kill them)

One more thing, is that people who protect should be rewarded in some way. Perhaps with runescape gold or something, to provide incentive to be 'good'.


Anyway, those are my thoughts. If in a few months this game feels just like a pvp world, I don't know why people would keep playing without something dynamic to come back to.


Thing is i'm not against pvp as you seem to think. I just want there to be a good vs evil kind of thing going on, which would make the game more dynamic and keep a bigger player base. You can go be on the player killer side and I can go try to protect others because it's what I'm more interested in.


That's the problem. It's JUST (and probably will end up being as some of you guys want) a pk server. It can be much more in addition to a pk server. The main issue I'm talking about is that the people who are expecting more than just another PK server (me) are going to be very disappointed in the coming months if Jagex makes decisions that head in the direction that God of PVP wants (basically just pvp all the time, people camping outside of banks, etc. No thought, and a waste of time.


I would like it to be a survival game. And no, a pk server isn't survival. It's just mindless killing.


I think it should be unwise (not impossible or anything) to pk in a bank, or anywhere that's crowded really, due to some people being some kind of protector or good. Pkers should be pking smartly. If this game ends up not requiring thought (no depth) in some way then it was a foolish decision to split Runescape into it.


To be honest, the only big difference I'm even talking about is rewarding players for protecting others in some fashion. I don't see why pkers would even care. I think one way to do this is to gain points of some kind that you can cash in for a sizable reward (not a HUGE one) that could provide incentive.


Another way as I said before is to give protectors some kind of armor or armor customization option that others (so pkers and neutral people) don't have. And Vice versa if pkers would like it.

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