I would like to thank Jagex tremendously for finally allowing the God Banners to be keepsaked

So, first off, I would like to thank Jagex tremendously for finally allowing the God Banners to be keepsaked. I wanted that for a very specific reason, because it fitted perfectly with the Golden Warpriest Armour that I received in 2014 (Golden Warpriest of Armadyl Armour).


The problem is, however, and I quite didn't expect this to happen at all, is that with that update, Jagex changed the golden tint to something that is nearly ****-yellow.


I know that the golden rune armour thingy was always like this, but now the golden tint is gone. It's just straight out yellow :'( I have bumped the Keepsake thread for 98 times and I'm again really glad that I can finally get the perfect set of my dreams, and THEN they change the color to something that completely outmatches my entire set-up.


Please, Jagex, I plead you once again, simply revert the new runescape gold tint, it's not golden anymore, it's plain ****-yellow, I really can't state it differently. It even seems to lack a little more detail because of this (or at least sharpness that it had before). I'm aware that this is probably more my own opinion, but it seems that this was done to make it stand out more which wasn't necessary at all.


Changing colors ever since keepsakes have been existing is such a difficult topic, I know, but then why do you keep insisting on changing it all just my POV.


Hopefully this will be reverted, and if it doesn't, then at least I'll have my keepsaked God Banner.


I also wanted to add to this that it seems that the legs are still carrying the old, nice look, and the upper body armour is now too much in contrast to it. I believe that is actually what is setting me a little off with this new change, but, if I had to choose between this new, more cleaner look, I'd rather have the old one back

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