Have a positive or negative effect on the runescape economy

For the most part, I believe invention skill was a success. It did exactly what jagex had intended and given items true value. With items been given a use and be able to leave the game, price will, of course rise(to what they were in ye old days). Now, the question on everyone's mind is if more value given to items is BETTER or WORSE for the economy as a whole. Some could say that it gives noncombat and combat related moneymaking methods worth their time. Others would say that the cost of buying items through the grand exchange, competing with all the marchers, is too much. 


REPLY if you think invention will have a positive or negative effect on the runescape economy.


A big point of the skill was to be an item and gold sink, so far we have seen the item sink of it, the prices are so out of wack because it's the first while of the skill. The prices will stabilize most likely above what they were pre skill as items are always being taken out of the game through DEing now. Things that were near useless being mass removed and worth having makes items worth making again, there was a time when skilling greatly over ran pvm for money and now we're seeing this again which is great.


Now take that from a bossing view, DEing sirenic/gwd/ect makes those prices rise, look at barrows - the gear is the cheapest to get to 120 with and now they're like 2-3m a piece, same with gwd armour. Now that there's giant demand, which will continue because they're being removed through DEing, low lv bossing can be a thing again. Remember that rush of excitement back in the day when you saw you looted a Dh or Guthan item from the Barrows Chest? Your first 22m Tassets? well it's not as dramatic as a 10m spear or 22m tas but it's for sure worth having a go if you're a low lv/playing your mini.

I think Invention has had nothing but a positive effect on the economy. Besides the few hypes with Hand Cannons, Ganodermic items, and Adamant Hatchets, everything has been rising due to demand and (the biggest part: ) lowering supply.


The thing about RuneScape is that for YEARS, no items were actually leaving the game. We had a few rs gold sinks along the way with things like the Well of Goodwill and such, but no true item sinks.


We finally have an item sink and we're starting to see where the prices of items -should- be.


What is emerging is that economy people talk about back in 07 when skilling was truly profitable and everyone could earn their place.


Part of the biggest problem of RuneScape was (and still is) the fact that combat drops have been supplying the economy of raw materials for a long time. At some level, enough raw materials were (and are) being added at a rate that we had more materials than we were processing.


Now all those stocks are disappearing, being crammed into intangible experience.


Once things really start balancing out, you'll see those armors that were once 10m gold a set at 10m gold a set, those weapons that were 7m a sword 7m a sword.


Everything's rising, but to be completely honest, it's a good thing.

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