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I love the concept of the Heart of Gielenor; it's a good start, but I had a few thoughts of things that could be added in future content that would really spice up the content which we've been given to this point. Please Read the entire thread before commenting, but I really want to hear your thoughts and suggestions (this includes thoughts as to why my ideas might not work!)

First I'll get some big ones out of the way:


1. WE 1 & 2 Mechanics:


This dungeon has been sold as reflecting the current god conflict of the 6th Age.


~In World Event 1, Saradomin and Zamorak fought over a power source that was left behind from the death of Guthix. In the HoG, the factions are likewise supposedly trying to claim the vast amounts of anima the dungeon houses; this concept is not reflected in the current dungeon. True, the Battle of Lumbridge was a 2-team event (while the Heart of Gielenor is 4). Nevertheless, the concept would be mostly the same. Each of the dungeon’s corners already has their respective General and portals which spawn the generic troops that head into the fray and seems to be attracted to set areas of the battlefield.


Besides Ingression Fragments, all foes would drop an equivalent to divine tears which would have to be deposited at their faction's corner. Each week, the faction members will be given a specific buff depending on how much anima its followers collected. This could either be instituted as a winner each week, or merely set amounts of anima required to maintain a specific buff the following week. Buffs from the Battle of Lumbridge which may be attractive would be a special “champion” style troop could spawn at intervals, more damage afflicted on enemy troops, or less damage afflicted by enemy troops.


Also, a player could be limited to a maximum number of “divine tear” items they could collect per day. This could help keep the teams fair. If the number was 100/day (just an easy example number), and your character deposited 80 at Seren’camp, you would only be able to donate 20/day between the other factions. This is just an idea, and it’s open to interpretation.


Whether or not the dungeon would have other forms of gathering anima (like divine crystal spots in BoL) could be argued for either way. On one hand, it would add a non-combat activity, adding to the draw the dungeon could have for more demographics of players. The potential negative side of the argument would mean there would be a larger crowd in the dungeons, and a chance for botting (which we all agree is bad).


~In the second World Event, the armies of Armadyll and Bandos would send out caravans to collect anima from various controlled areas. One aspect of the Heart is that the faction NPC's try to claim platforms for their god. Once an hour, a faction caravan could leave the faction's base and travel to platforms controlled by their faction. While in transit, these caravans would be un-attackable. Upon reaching each platform, the caravan would disembark, and become attackable, to gather an amount of anima from the pillar in the center of the platform. This would cause members of other factions to be attracted to the current platform, and opposing factions would only be able to capture the platform if the convoy visiting it is defeated. If the convoy safely returns to its base, the total collected will count towards the factions’ anima collecting for the week.


Some players have commented that a safe PvP aspect could also be added to the caravans, and this would mean that if your faction’s caravan was currently occupying the same platform as you, you would become killable.


~Using the mechanics from the first two World Events will truly make this dungeon a reflection of the current god war and of the 6th Age. It will make it apparent that the purpose of the armies existing in the Heart of Gielenor is to collect anima for their god, and will provide a more exciting form of gameplay.


2. Monster Drops


I think that this idea has been explored on several forum posts up to this point, so I won't go into extensive detail. There are black knights, chaos dwarves, ancient combatants, wights, necromancers, elves, and various demons running around in this dungeon. Anywhere else on Gielenor, these creatures would drop particular items based on a drop table. 


Varying bones/ashes, runes, food items, abyssal items (abyssal demons, by god!), crystal (from the elves), lower leveled armors (especially black armors), etc. Some people seem afraid of farming or bots or whatever (please forgive the syntax in that sentence), but it only seems to make sense to me that there shouldn’t be one place in game where there are no drops. 


If my World Events ideas (see above) were to be adopted, they'd also drop an item that mirrored the divine tears for the factions.


3. Not Quite a GodSword


~This is merely a thought. An item should be added to the dungeon that mirrors the collecting of pieces of a godsword. A thought I'm entertaining is a level 80-85 god-staff that Sliske creates using his Staff of Armadyl as a template. He would charge Gregorovic* with creating a headpiece to place atop the staff, completing its power. Sliske would purposely let spies from the other three factions to overhear this conversation, prompting them to each design their own orb, and vie for control of the staff itself. 


Each headpiece will mold the staff in the image of its patron god and provide either special active or passive abilities. The reason I came up with for Sliske allowing the other factions to know about this weapon was that he desired the factions in the heart to thin each other out, and fighting over this weapon would reduce any of Sliske's foe's numbers for the rest of his storyline.


The drop rates for these items, or their shards, would be similar to the drop rates for the godsword in GWD 1.


4. Ingression Fragments:


The idea of the ingression fragments is fun, I really enjoy using them. If some of the prior ideas are implemented (especially the World Event ideas), then a larger amount of fragments (maybe 2000) could be used to cause NPC's of your faction rush to your location. So if you're trying to defend a pillar, then you can call in reinforcements.


More Ideas May be added in the future.

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