Disable Runespan in Dark-Scape

Dark-scape is supposed to be a game that has high risk and high rewards, correct?


*Each sector has its own economy.(None of the Grand Exchanges and banks are connected across sectors)

*Runes will be needed in the various sectors, and will be in high demand.

*Runespan lets a player get 99 runecrafting so much faster and easier than the conventional method. (Easy-scape much?)


It would make sense to disable the runespan because the runespan allows players to train runecrafting nearly risk free. There would be no reason to pk the runespanners because they wouldn't drop anything, which means more players would get high level runecrafting. Because more people would have high a rc level they would start crafting the high tiered runes MUCH sooner and in higher quantities sooner in the game.


If the runespan was disabled then runecrafting would take longer and be less afkable, which would mean that less players would be willing to get the high levels required to run law/nature/blood runes, which would make these prices stay high. If the prices are high then more pkers would be out hunting for the runners, and I believe that that keeps the spirit of this version of the game.


This version of the game is supposed to be high risk = high rewards, so even though it would mean you will have to put in more time to craft runes, it will make runecrafting far more profitable for both the pker and the runecrafter.


If you are a pker, you should support this because killing rune runners can be profitable

If you are a runner, you should support this because you will have far less competition, which means you can ask more for your crafted runes.

If you are an average player, then you should support this because it is in keeping with the theme of dark-scape. High risk = high reward.


Disable the runespan because it is not in keeping with the theme of Dark-scape, and less players will train rc, so the high level runes will be worth more, which will cause a market for them.(and make running them more interesting)


Here is an easy to follow flow chart.



Easy, and risk free to train to high Runecrafting level

More people take the opportunity to get high rc level

More people with high enough level to start making high tiered runes

More people make said runes

Price of runes go down

Runecrafters make less of a profit and pkers have little reward to pk said runecrafters

price goes down further because runecrafters have less of a risk

Final Result The game is easy-scape and NOT IN KEEPING WITH THE THEME.



Slow and risky to collect the rune/pure essense

Slow and risky to level up runecrafting

Less people willing to do it

Takes longer for the fewer players to get a high runecrafting level

Runes are in high demand

Make a larger profit running runes

pkers have a higher reward if they can successfully kill the runners

More risk for the runners (and the pkers)

Rune prices stay high because more risk (and work) means less people are willing to do it

>>Final Result>> The price of runes stay high, for longer, which means both the pker and the runner has risk vs reward and IS IN KEEPING WITH THE THEME OF DARK-SCAPE.


Please consider disabling the runespan for the sake and longevity of this game mode.


*Yes, I realize I am asking easy-scape to be less afkable and obviously this will get tons to resistance, but over time I think people will understand if we were to see the effects this will have.


Even if you runespan your way to 99 rc, won't you still need people to mine, transport, and sell the essence, followed by someone crafting it? Making a skill more boring should never be the goal of any game. Besides, if everyone is busy making high level runes then there is a shortage of low level runes and the prices will spike - a balance will be reached on its own. 


You also seem to have missed the point of dark*cape. It's not supposed to be a hardmode version of the game, there is ironman for that. It's not the stock market either. It is instead a pvp environment. To lock an entire combat style behind pricey runes and a slow, boring, and risky skill would go against dark*cape, no?

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