DarkScape:30k Arrow Shafts just gone?

To whomever this concerns,


I have been playing Runescape for over 10 years now and I have never encountered such a troubling issue. Over the last couple nights I have been fletching and reached 30k DarkScape Gold Arrow Shafts from regular logs and then oaks. I decided to stop altogether and sell them so I could buy a friend of mine new equipment (Guess why).


I moved to my bank and deposited everything and pulled out a calculator from my desk. After doing some calculations I decided to sell all of them, so I right-clicked all from the bank to my inventory. I went into the grand exchange screen to sell them and, to my dismay, they were gone!


Confused, I checked my grand exchange history and the items were never listed or sold. Okay, so I looked on the ground (as this was within moments) and they were not there. I got very worried and check my bank. Minutes I spent staring and they were not there. This was in the normal bank, not medium or high (although I checked those too because why not).


I logged out and back in, even restarting the game and the items were not anywhere to be found. I didn't get PK'd because the rest of the items I withdrew from the bank made it to my inventory.


Please help or give me suggestions! That's a lot of time I have to just give up 

Thanks for your time!

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