Changing the Status Quo- Runescape Wildy

So as you all know the wilderness is getting a facelift. A lot of new content is being added into the area in order to attract more people to the wilderness. I'm actually pretty exited for this, especially in regards to hunter. I might even try my hand at pking.

Anyways, the point of this thread is to provide a solution of sorts many people's issue with Jagex feeding skillers to pkers. Now I got no issue with what Jagex is doing. Wildy content isn't forced, and its not like they are removing other content. If you are happy now with current XP rates then great, what's the problem? After next months update your XP rates can only really go up. If you are not happy now with current XP rates then that sucks, but it's not like this content can make you more unhappy with xp rates. 


So yeah I've got no issue with what Jagex is doing. However I believe that Jagex is missing out on a major opportunity that could have major implications on the mechanics, and social environments of the Wilderness, that would benefit most people who enter the wilderness.


My solution would be "Wilderness Tokens" or "Wildy Tokens" for short 


What would Wilderness Token's be you ask? 


Well, Wilderness token's would be a sort of currency that is earned through skilling in the wilderness. With Wilderness tokens, skillers will be able to purchase temporary anti-pking measures from the Wildy Token store that would be accessed by clicking on the coin.


What do I mean by anti-pking measures?


Now a lot of people want a toggle for a safe wildy...


This is not that. What I mean by anti-pking measures could be best defined as the ability to hire body guards. Essentially a skiller will be able to use wildy token's to temporarily hire a npc who will attack all nearby skulled players.


These Npc would be formidable on their own, just powerful enough to encourage a pker who is not willing to use any food to move on to a different target.




What is an example of a wildy body guard?


One example would be the generic npc body guard. Simply an NPC that follows the player around and attacks all skulled players within a certain range.


My vision for the NPC would be that it is a member of The Wilderness Berserkers. A tribe mentioned in the Runescape novels. Their main weapon of deterrence would be the ability to apply a powerful poison to a skulled player. They would have fairly low life-points and a relatively low max hit.


Another example would be a "Wildy Cannon." With Wildy tokens, one would be able to buy a Wildy cannon that would auto target skulled players. This cannon would be weaker than a normal cannon, and would not be able to be moved once placed.



But how does this change up the social mechanics of the wilderness?


So on their own, these wildy body guards will not super effective in protecting skillers. However, strength comes in numbers. For example, look at how Living Rock Caverns work.


Due to the way skilling nodes are localized, skillers tend to gather. Now imagine a large group of skillers who are all in the Wilderness gaining tokens. These skillers systematically place down anti-pking cannons around their skilling locations. With enough skillers, the location essentially becomes pking proof due to it being essentially suicide for a skulled player to go there.


This would allow skillers to go about training their skills in a relatively safe environment within the wilderness without making the eliminating the pker's ability to pk.


Pker's would be forced to limit their hunting to lurking like wolves outside a group of bison. They would be able to pick off the stragglers, those that aren't paying attention, other pkers, lone wolves. It would create a real, and fair cat and mouse environment, that allows both parties to participate in a comfortable risk.


What other implications would Wildy Tokens cause?


Well the obvious answer would be that it could vastly change up how Warbands works. For the first time, a skilling clan would have viable way to work against the Warband FCs. 


A bunch of skillers could bring their Wildy Tokens to the camp area and just go ham with spawning all these npcs. These NPC would wreak havoc on the large group of players who are skulled. The skillers could then pick up the drops of the deceased skulled players.


Other non-skulled players could also pick up the remains of the killed skulled players, creating a competitive field.


The entire situation would be vastly changed, and would require a fair bit of strategy. Would it be better to loot the camp, or wait and see if an anti-pking squad comes around. Would you risk attacking the anti-pking squad after they left the vicinity of their body guards? Who knows, but I think it would be awesome to find out.



How would the specifics of the Wildy Tokens work?


This is all open to change based off of feedback but here is how I imagine it.


-Wildy Tokens can not be taken out of the Wilderness. Everytime you enter the wilderness you must start from scratch. This creates a buffer period in order to justify the high experience rates by creating some risk.


-On death, Wildy Tokens could be turned into coins. This would mean that the longer one is in the wilderness, the bigger the target they are. I would want there to be some sort of scoreboard that allows pkers to know who is worth the most, and where they are. Eventually, one could potentially be so valuable that a group of pkers might consider it worth it to attack a anti-pking squad to kill the one individual.


-Only one npc at a time per individual. Obtainment rate for Wildy Tokens would slightly out run the cost of buying a body guard. For example, if a body guard last for 10 minutes, and cost 500 Wildy tokens, then the player could gather 750 tokens in that time. That would be important for two reasons:


1) It would create a net gain of tokens, thus increasing the value of the skiller over time.


2) It would allow the skiller to "rank up". For example, 10 minutes after entering the Wilderness, the skiller would be able to buy a tier 1 body guard. 20 minutes later they would have enough money to replace their soon to expire tier 1 body guard with a tier 2 body guard, and so on and so on.


-Bodyguards attack anyone with a skull, even if they are the ones who hire them.


-I would prefer if body guard did not work like summoning familiars and follow their master around, but instead work as a spawned npc who will roam in a radius around the spot that they are summoned.


-Wildy Token shop would not just sell body guards, but could also sell titles, lore books, pets, xp modifiers.


-Other potential reward could be temporary Wildy weapons and armor, like how the dominion equipment works.


I guess this is it for now. I might add more later based on feedback, or if something new occur to me. Please do share feedback.


Also please, this is not a thread about whether or not Jagex is right about feeding skillers to pkers. There are other threads about those moral, and conventional implications, this thread is purely about providing a solution so please do not re-create those conversations here.

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